Healing Properties of 14k Gold and the Spiritual Side of Nipple Rings

Healing Properties of 14k Gold and the Spiritual Side of Nipple Rings

Gold is believed to have the ability to heal the body and soul. It is believed to purify the blood, increase strength, and facilitate communication and energy transmission.

For centuries, adorning the nipples with jewelry has been seen as more than just an aesthetic or erotic choice. Many people also believe that nipple rings have spiritual healing properties.

Symbolism and Beliefs

For centuries, gold has been a symbol of wealth and divinity. The Incas called it “the tears of the sun”, and the Egyptians revered it as a material linked to the sun god Ra. Gold’s power is considered to be a force that brings luck, love, elevated wisdom and healing vibrations. The color yellow invokes wealth and prosperity, while rose gold carries energy of self-love and compassion. White gold channels the energies of the moon and sun. The metal is also considered to be a powerful protector and cleanser of negative energy.

Gold is often associated with the essence of purity, mirroring a similar purity believed to reside within the spirit. Adherents of New Age practices and spiritual healing ascribe to gold the capacity for cellular regeneration, stimulation of the endocrine system, and fortification of the nervous system. Claims are made that gold has a transformative power, capable of dissolving emotional barriers and mitigating feelings such as stress, ire, and self-doubt. It is also suggested that gold supports the cleansing of one's physical being by enhancing digestive, circulatory, and respiratory functions.

In addition to its physical and emotional associations, gold is posited to have a harmonizing effect on interpersonal relationships, fostering better connections with kin and companions. Gold's reputed healing energy is said to be augmented when combined with gemstones, creating an amplified therapeutic effect. Specifically, when incorporated into nipple rings, gold is believed to intensify the gemstones' healing qualities, further leveraging the energy and restorative attributes of the combination.

Gold is one of the least reactive substances on earth, meaning that it does not interact with other minerals or compounds in any way. It is even possible that the amount of gold ingested would only be partially dissolved in the stomach acids. However, most of it will be excreted as a solid.

Because of its non-toxicity and strong bond with the sun, gold is an extremely valuable and precious metal. Its scientific properties make it very malleable and supple, and it is extremely resistant to wear and corrosion. In addition, it also conducts electricity. For these reasons, it is often incorporated into medical devices such as dental instruments and implants. Furthermore, it is known to have a positive effect on the skin, promoting healing, reducing inflammation, and stimulating blood flow.

New Age Metaphysics

According to New Age healing beliefs, gold symbolizes purity and is a guiding hand for spiritual evolution and communion with the universal source. It is also a mineral that encourages strong commitment and dedication and promotes and enriches human relationships.

This precious metal is said to encourage the process of purification of one’s physical body, facilitating the removal of toxins and waste. It is also believed to help assuage the burden of responsibility, lessening feelings of inferiority and enabling one to understand and overcome their weaknesses. Moreover, it is said to aid in reviving the endocrine system and encouraging healthy growth of the skeletal structure.

Considering the fact that gold has very low chemical reactivity, it is also considered an excellent conductor of energy. This is a very popular choice for those who practice the art of acupuncture, as it is said to stimulate blood circulation, promote the shedding of old skin cells and improve concentration and the body's mental abilities.

Additionally, this mineral is known to help balance the left and right brain, making it a great choice for those facing mental health problems. problems such as dyslexia, autism and scoliosis. It is also said to enhance and amplify the energy generated by crystals and gemstones.

Because it is ruled by the Sun, the masculine planet, gold imparts a stronger and more assertive energy to crystals and gemstones that are set into its settings. Therefore, nipple rings that are made of this precious metal can be used in rituals and ceremonies to promote the development and manifestation of personal power, self-confidence, and strength.

In addition, it is reputed to help in the healing and releasing of negative emotions such as anger, jealousy, and fear. It is also a powerful talisman for protection and is very beneficial in the treatment of heart disease, depression, and asthma. It is also said to aid in the revitalization of the skeletal system and to promote a healthy endocrine and respiratory system.

Connection with the Divine Feminine

In some spiritual rites and practices, such as Tantra or Kundalini awakening, adorning the nipples with gold jewelry is thought to help one connect with the Divine Feminine. This connection isn't just symbolic; it can also help people find the power they need to overcome obstacles and live more balanced lives.

This is because the Divine Feminine energy, or shakti, can be accessible through the heart, third eye, and crown chakras, and nipple piercings are an excellent way to access this power. Furthermore, the energy of 14k gold rings jewelry can assist people in healing from painful situations, releasing ancestral darkness, and establishing stability in their lives.

The idea of the Divine Feminine is a spiritual concept that suggests there’s a feminine counterpart to the patriarchal and masculine worship structures that dominate most organized religions. The existence of this energetic force suggests that men and women are complementary energies, and embracing the feminine is a powerful way to find balance in our lives.

When it comes to the healing properties of 14k gold, its energy is both receptive and cooperative, which means that it can be used in conjunction with other gemstones to enhance their effects. This is because gold has the ability to attract and maintain the qualities that are inherent in any additional stone, while simultaneously providing a stabilizing influence over these energies.

No matter the gemstone you select to complement your nipple ring, the healing aura of gold can nurture a deeper love rooted in maturity, devotion, and commitment. It has the potential to elevate the contentment and bliss within your romantic partnership, fostering a heightened sense of joy and appreciation.

Furthermore, the energetic properties of 14k gold can facilitate your journey toward healing by enhancing blood circulation to vital organs like the brain and heart, ensuring they receive essential nutrients and oxygen for optimal functionality. Moreover, this precious metal's energy can aid in the alleviation of emotional struggles such as depression and anxiety by soothing the mind and harmonizing emotions.

Spiritual Healing

Gold is the color of prosperity and abundance. It’s a symbol of wealth and luck, and it represents the sun or solar energy. It’s a mineral that promotes healthy cell regeneration and encourages the flow of energy throughout your body. It also boosts the immune system and provides your body with a source of energy that helps you to fight off illness and disease.

In spiritual healing, gold is utilized to cleanse and balance the body. It is thought to improve nervous system function and can be used to treat skin problems and arthritis. It is also supposed to improve digestion, enhance the respiratory system, and promote body warmth. It is supposed to rejuvenate the endocrine system and can be utilized to treat the eyes and spinal cord. It has also been linked to increased metabolism and better vitamin and mineral absorption. It is also supposed to balance the right and left brain, making it suitable for treating diseases including autism, dyslexia, and epilepsy.

Many people believe that wearing jewelry made of gold can promote health, wealth, and happiness. This is because the metal is thought to carry an energetic vibration that brings good fortune. It is often used as a protective charm against negativity and is considered an excellent material for creating talismans, amulets, and charms.

Those who practice new age metaphysics and use gems for healing believe that the gemstones have certain frequencies that can be channeled by wearing them or simply holding them in one’s hands. During this process, the wearer is able to access specific chakras in their body and balance the energies within them. Some believe that nipple rings can also act as conduits to connect the wearer with the universal energy field, which allows them to tap into an infinite supply of healing power.

In addition to this, some New Age metaphysical practitioners believe that gold can be used to purify the aura and heal the body. It is also known to protect the healer's energy field and enhance his or her abilities. In addition, it is said to help healers by clearing negative energy emanating from electrical devices. This makes gold a very useful mineral for those who are involved in the healing arts and wish to protect themselves from the harmful effects of radiation.
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