Trendy Or Timeless? 14k Gold Nipple Ring Fashion Through the Years

Trendy Or Timeless? 14k Gold Nipple Ring Fashion Through the Years

Your nipples are something special, so they deserve to be shown off with the best jewelry. 14k gold nipple rings are not only gorgeous, they’re also healthy for your skin. They’re hypoallergenic and nickel-free, so you can wear them all day without worrying about irritated nipples.

Try a simple clicker ring for a neat look, or go for something a little more exciting with a double-blue opalite nipple piercing barbell!

The 1920s

During the 1920s, the newfound prosperity in America ushered in a wave of unprecedented freedoms. For the first time, Americans frequented department stores such as Sears, benefiting from disposable income that allowed them to embrace the latest fashion trends.

The newfound freedoms brought about a significant shift in women's fashion, as they abandoned their traditional house dresses worn as undergarments in favor of loose-fitting attire such as shifts, chemises, and flapper dresses that fell straight from the shoulders. These were often complemented with cloche hats and wide-brimmed fedoras, marking a distinct transformation in women's wardrobes.

Simpler construction and less formal materials also defined menswear in the 1920s. They discarded starched collars for soft ones and replaced three-piece suits with one- or two-button jackets, depending on the weather.

For accessories, gold and silver bangles were popular. Coral and gemstone dangle earrings and pearl necklaces complemented bob haircuts. Choose a tennis bracelet—also known as a flexible bracelet—with geometric gemstones to wear with your dress, or go for a long necklace that wraps around your neck several times.

The 1950s

After a period of thrift and conformity brought on by the war, the 1950s marked the dawn of an era of style and femininity. Designer Christian Dior's elegant "New Look" embraced decorative femininity with rounded shoulders, nipped-in waistlines, and ample skirts. This style had a lasting impact on women's fashions, including sundresses, shirtwaists, crinoline-covered circle-skirt ensembles, and coat dresses.

Leisure wear also became popular in the 1950s, thanks to new synthetic materials developed for military use. Fabrics such as Terrylene, Auron, and Krimplen were easy to wash and wear, allowing women to devote more time to leisure activities.

The pinup girl style of the period was inspired by seductive poster girls and aimed at feminine sex appeal. Tight-fitting pencil skirts, hot pants and halter neck dresses were all part of the signature look which was often quite revealing.

In contrast, teenagers tended to follow a rockabilly or greaser look exemplified by the likes of James Dean in Rebel Without A Cause. This look involved dark jeans, solid black or white t-shirts and leather jackets worn with leather boots or Chuck Taylor All-Stars.

The 1960s

The 1960s were a decade of change. The youthful look is taking over the fashion world and women's clothes are getting shorter and shorter. Knee-to-ankle length dresses and sleeveless dresses became popular. Short, natural hair replaced heavy makeup and high heels. Tweed, mohair and leather were the fabrics of choice, along with turtlenecks, scarves, socks and patterned cotton vests.

Women's clothing expanded from the Fit and adjustment from the early 50's. The sleeveless shirt accentuates the arms while the ruched back accentuates a long, slim line. Tweed dresses, vests and tuxedos are often paired with matching trousers.

The most iconic of the sixties was Mary Quant, a British designer who is known for her mini skirts that helped shape the decade often referred to as the “Swinging Sixties.” She was inventive, independently opinionated and a savvy businesswoman. She was also a pioneer of bringing Eastern influence to the fashion scene. The new post war baby boomer generation showed up and demanded to be noticed and heard.

The 1970s

It's no secret that free-spirited 1970s fashion styles have found a renewed popularity, especially with celebrities like Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner adopting the '70s look. These casual styles, which range from crocheted ponchos to midi skirts, are a reflection of a time when originality and self-expression were valued.

Oversized collars were very fashionable for women. These sharp necklines added a campy disco sheen to traditional silhouettes. Additionally, oversized sleeves appeared on button-up shirts and leisure suits, giving ladies the chance to express their individuality through vivid hues and patterns.

Pants in the 70s ranged from high-waisted wide leg styles to tight cigarette fit joggers. The era was also marked by the emergence of workwear-inspired jumpsuits, like the ones donned by Farrah Fawcett.

Platform shoes remained popular and could be paired with midi skirts to create an on-trend, yet classic 70s outfit. Suede and fringed accents also made their way into women’s wardrobes in the ’70s, as seen on blouses and dresses. These pieces embraced a contrasting color palette that was perfect for those seeking a bohemian style.

The 1980s

The 1980s evokes contrasting sentiments in many individuals. Some cherish it for being the dawn of MTV, the release of iconic movies like Ferris Bueller’s Day Off and the Blues Brothers, and the peak popularity of Michael Jackson’s Thriller during their formative years.

Conversely, others harbor disdain for the 1980s due to the economic crises, the onset of the AIDS epidemic, and various other somber events of the era. However, amidst these challenges, there were also remarkable developments that occurred during that period.

Nipple rings became popular because they were a fun way to add some style and personality to your outfit. Gold nipple rings were especially popular because they can be worn with any type of clothing and look just as good with a bathing suit or a business suit as they do with a pair of jeans. They’re also much more comfortable to wear than cheaper metals that can irritate your skin.

The 1990s

In the 90s, grunge and glamour merged, and styles such as ripped jeans and band t-shirts were mixed with tracksuits and luxury items. Lisa Bonet's artfully put together New York hippie look is still alive and well, and this era saw the birth of the hoodie as an everyday staple. Printed blazers and skinny jeans were also popular, and rompers were reworked (blame Blair Waldorf for this).

Leather was all the rage in the 90s, with models like Christy Turlington wearing oversized leather jackets on the red carpet and off. Simple little black dresses were also popular with both men and women, and were worn by the likes of Drew Barrymore.

Illusion mesh became a hot fashion statement during the ’90s, hugging curves and accentuating natural figure. It’s back now in everything from tops to gowns, and you can snag your own on a variety of online retailers. Trendy accessories like chokers and hoop earrings helped complete the look. Reef sandals and patterned jelly shoes were a fun way to add a pop of color, while a thick headband could be the perfect finishing touch to a casual outfit.

The 2000s

From the emo-influenced fashion of Eve to the bohemian style of Destiny’s Child, the 2000s was a decade defined by female celebrity looks. The era saw a number of outfits that would become instant icons, like the velour tracksuit made famous by Juicy Couture and worn with matching head-to-toe denim pants, a newsboy cap, and oversized sunglasses.

For men, casual and leisure wear is a big trend. Looks include lightly washed bootcut jeans, cargo pants, polo or collared shirts and wrinkled striped suits. In the early 2000s, men also wore vintage-inspired outfits inspired by classic rock bands and British indie pop bands.

When it comes to jewelry on body, it is not uncommon for women to have their nipples pierced. Nipple rings can be anything from a simple circular strip to an elaborate twist. These pieces are often worn with a matching necklace for a 2000s look. A gold nipple ring is the ultimate accessory for a 2000s outfit, as it elevates your overall look and shows off your strong personality. 14k gold is a premium material that does not cause irritation, unlike cheaper alloys.

The 2010s

The nipple is an alluring part of the body that deserves the best jewelry. Your nipple piercings are more than just a place for you to show off your breasts; they can also add a sexy element to any outfit. Whether you’re looking for a simple, minimalistic design or something a little more eye-catching, 14k gold nipple rings are the perfect choice to make a statement.

The 2010s brought back many trends from previous decades. From Seattle grunge to Drew Barrymore’s flower child phase, this decade was a time of fashion experimentation. One trend that exploded in the 2010s was shearling moto jackets. It wasn’t long before it was a must-have in every fashionable closet, from celebrities to everyday folks.

Another huge trend of the 2010s was tiny sunglasses, a relic from the ’90s that became a must-have accessory for Gigi Hadid. The 2010s were also a decade of logomania, with influencers wearing head-to-toe designer clothing. And of course, there was the resurgence of the bodycon dress, popularized by Herve Leger and now seen on the likes of Nicki Minaj and Ashley Graham.

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